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You win by offering Winning Mind training electives for your campers!

Before you read further, see the Winning Mind website and check out this PDF.

It's all about taking your soccer camp program to the next level--at no extra cost to you--by offering campers Winning Mind's mental-performance training as an optional elective within your standard camp curriculum!

Proven over years, the mental-performance techniques offered by Winning Mind meet the needs of serious players and teams--like
Colorado College--that desire dramatic improvement. Developed by Marc Sagal, a former professional soccer player and coach himself, this program is designed ...

To help your camp ...
   * Build its reputation for helping players achieve break-through experiences
   * Expand from technical and tactical to the mental dimension
   * Improve more than a player's game, but also their life
   * Add a new profit center through negotiated commission structure
   * Outsource with this nationally recognized program to conveniently add a new feature to your camp while you stick with your core competency  

To help individual players and teams ...
   * Achieve mental toughness.
   * Prevent errors before they occur
   * See how they measure up against the best athletes in the world
   * Gauge their specific concentration strengths and weaknesses
   * Learn how to "play in the zone"
   * To help club and school teams ... Enhance teamwork ... 
     Create a scientifically-based selection & scouting system ...
     Identify and develop leaders ...Improve communication skills ... 
     Reduce "career-limiting"  mistakes

Offering a Winning Mind elective for your camp is easy!

In deciding whether to offer Winning Mind training as an elective for your camp, know that there is no cost to you-but you need to understand and integrate this exciting elective within your camp curriculum. We provide the personnel and equipment. Then you work with Winning Mind to custom tailor the best option for your campers in one of several Elective Formats:

Elective A:
A short-term elective for 8 to 12 players, offered within a portion of your camp week or a day before or after your regular camp. This option includes an online player assessment done at Winning Mind's site, an initial phone session, an in-person performance review and mental coaching session.

Elective B:
A week-long option for large groups of individuals (from 12 to 18 players) or teams, held concurrently within your camp or in a separate week sandwiched between two camp weeks. For teams, this option includes two team sessions, free testing for the coach, along with the individual sessions described above.

Elective C:
An independent-study elective conducted by Winning Mind outside your camp, promoted by you as an affiliated opportunity offered through your camp. This option includes online assessment and phone session (in-person coaching optional, depending on numbers) separately with Winning Mind.

Elective D:
A completely custom-designed elective
to suit your particular needs

Your commission, as well as expenses, room, and board for Winning Mind personnel can be negotiated for all formats. The cost of the Winning Mind program is significant, but affordable for players and parents willing to make a reasonable investment to see real rewards. Most interested players are typically over 13 years of age with a technical ability to play at higher levels. Winning Mind Guarantee for non-team Electives A and B: In the event that a player is not satisfied with a Winning Mind service, payment will be returned to the camp for refund to the individual.

Interested? Here's how to proceed:
First, visit the website at to introduce yourself to the concept.

Second, please submit this on-line Qualification Questionnaire. You are under no obligation, because Winning Mind believes that talking with you will reveal that the rewards are definitely worth it. You won't be hassled by a salesman, but rather talking to a principal directly responsible for our elective's successful integration into your program. (Like you, we're running a sports-oriented program that wants repeat business, not extra headaches.)

Qualification questionnaire:

YES, I've answered the 10 questions below and I'm interested in a no-obligation conversation to learn more about Winning Mind electives.
Please contact me:
Camp Director:

State: Zip

1. How many hours does your camp currently devote to dedicated mental-performance training?
2. How many years has your camp been serving "elite" or "select" campers or teams?
3. How many campers may be interested in paying for elective "mental-performance" training as described here?
4. What do you estimate campers would pay as the highest price point
or most likely price point?
5. What is the approx. pricing for your weekly highest-level commuter camper program: For your residential program?
6. Do you have a classroom setting available?
7. Which of the above Elective Formats makes the most sense for you?

8. What dates would be most suitable to offer an elective at your site?
9. What kind of kind of promotional materials would you require?

10. What other issues do you wish to address (e.g., commission, liability, travel arrangements, equipment, etc.)?

Last revised: February 24, 2005