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Coaches, camp directors, and parents talk about kids getting to "the next level," but what happens when players don't?

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This unique resource is filled with illustrations, anecdotes, tips, drills, and encouragement for soccer camp directors, youth coaches, and improving players of all ages. Here's why:

1) There's more to technical development than technique.
After 100 drills and the kids still can't dribble (or pass, receive, shoot or head), maybe something else is going on. Find out why and what to do about it.

2) Tactical development shouldn't have to be so tough.
Decision-making on and off the ball can be the most fun or the most frustrating element of soccer instruction. Find the middle ground between programming kids like robots and plain letting them run wild.

3) Emphasizing physical development is the easy way out.
Find out how misplaced emphasis on physical conditioning actually weakens performance.

4) Neglecting mind and spirit is the mortal sin.
It's no accident there's a huge drop out rate of decent players between the ages of 14 and 18, many of whom will never touch a soccer ball again. Find out why the Fourth Fundamental is the key that makes or breaks everything else.

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Last revised: January 26, 2010