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Add your Review here or add your Camp here. Or contact (delete the Z) with reviews, camps, and corrections. Because camp quality is subject to change, if you had a good experience, you should confirm that the same personnel will be there for the current camp. If someone gives a camp a bad review, the camp is likely to improve, but again--check with the camp for specific answers to your issues! 

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a public service and does not constitute an endorsement. Except where noted, reviews are submitted by players and parents who provide their opinions without compensation. Views on individual persons are not used. All information listed or linked here is subject to change. All information—including dates, cost, location, and personnel—should be confirmed directly with the camp.




Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy, 2003, Arden N.C. Kathy- Mom of happy camper, 03/22/06 What an awesome camp! Yes it is expensive but well worth it! They play soccer from sun up to sun down. There is no pool time. Which is fine with me since I paid for soccer training and not swim and rec time.
University of San Diego Soccer Camp, 07/10/04, San Diego, CA Jan, 11/16/04 1 - great facilites,  fantastic coaches
2 - improved overall skill
3 - dont know
Lebanon Valley College Soccer Camp, 07/25/04, Lebanon Valley College Annville, PA Emily, age 10, 11/11/04 Very personal attention,  the people who run the camp are available and within reach,  Director Mark Pulisic is very approachable and gets to know each kid. Greatly improved ball skills and collection. There was nothing about the camp she did not like.
Joe Machniks No.1 Camps, 06/12/04, Texas Christian University/Ft. Worth,  Texas, TX Ric, 46, 11/04/04 The camp was intense,  had exceptional coaches,  and was perfect for a premier-level player. Sean returned a more confident and accurate shooter. Suggestion: offer the program closer to Oklahoma City! 
U.K. Elite Soccer, 07/16/04, University of Kentucky Campus,  Lexington, KY Zach, 08/11/04 Good camp competitive atmosphere. Good food. I learned some new jugling tricks and that I need to be more agressive. At 14 I was the youngest boy at the Elite Camp,  It needs more campers.
Midwest Soccer Academy, 07/18/04, Bowling Green OH Zach, 08/11/04 The Elite camp was boys of a similar high skill level. We played alot of soccer. I learned to play combinations better and be more assertive. They allowed us to watch movies in the evening but consistently turned it off just before the ending.
Soccer Academy Elite Camp, 7/03, oakton high school oakton,  VA Dorothy,  40, 05/18/04 My kids had fun and the coaches were serious about soccer.
European Professional Soccer Academy, 2/11/04, Oregon Matt,  14, 03/01/04 1) Awesome staff who took real time and care to work with the players. All pros or ex-pro players and coaches.
2) Learned soo much,  shooting and attacking skills improved for myself and my team so much.

All Soccer Training Academy of L.I.


Thomas,  13,  Garden City Park


1) Great Skills Training,  Excellent Trainers 2) Learned,  improved Ball Skills 3) Wish Clinic Lasted Longer

All Soccer Training Xmas Camp


Billy,  14,  Levittown Soccer Club


1) excellent camp with Professional Trainers Lots of fun 2) learned basic soccer moves and 1v1 situations 3) Wish the camp was longer

Ashley's Soccer camp


Josh,  9,  Livingston,  Livingston NJ


1)it was a really exciting camp with lots of fun activities;the coaches were really funny and nice 2)how to do the hook move;that soccer is really fun to play 3)it could be longer

I will be going back next year

Callaghans English Soccer Camp


Chad,  9,  denver ,  denver soccer club


1. The coaches were awesome,  funny and great soccer players. 2. How to be a team player Enjoy my soccer 3. New jokes from the coaches

This is the best soccer camp that i have ever been on and i want to go again.

Centre College Soccer Camp Danville,  KY


Ashley, 12, Danville


Centre College Soccer Camp was a great camp. It provided an assortment of skills with personal training from the trainers. Everyone was really focused on getting us to improve our skills. I learned a lot about blocking and I improved a lot at ball control. The camp could not get any better.

I highly reccomend Centre to anyone who wishes to improve their skills and have fun.

Challenger British Soccer Camp

06 08 01

Gwynn Williams, Tracy


I loved the coaches - they were crazy but fun, so I learn't alot. I learn't how to shoot at the right time and how to control the ball well. I would like to improve the camp by having not so warm weather.

I loved it and I think any child would if they gave it a go.


Andrew 15 Kansas City Fusion SC,


Nice Fields

You have to walk forever to get to fields and to eat. Dorms were not good. I learned nothing. The whole camp was spent training together as teams and then playing games at night.

The only thing I liked was the written assesment and the staff, both very nice.

Defininently not worth the money.

Cocoa Expo Summer Camp


Hailey 15 Tampa, Florida


camp staff was very fun to work with I learned practice drills that were more fun than the ones I had been doing



Cynthia, oregon, COSA


The EPSA camp my son went to in both and summer and fall was EXCELLENT! It has been a great opportunity for him to have had two coaches who love the game of soccer, can play the game well, but who also understand how to teach the game. Cynthia Westphur (parent)

Our son improved his skills more at these camps than all 6 yrs he previously played, put together!

European Prefessional Soccer Academy (EPSA)


Ric , Senior Referee, High school coach


I noticed a huge improvement in individual technical ability and tactical awareness of their position in relation to the team. The coaches made every kid feel like they were part of the team and had high expectations for performance without being negative. Thanks.


There was a fun and challeging atmosphere. The best soccer experience they ever had by far

European Professional Soccer Academy


Chief Langston, Bend, OR,


EPSA are excellent in practice organization, motivation, their knowledge of the sport. As a parent I've been impressed way beyond the expected soccer skill instruction and the respect that they recieved from players.

Great coaches, Great Role Models!

The coaches were both still excellent players who also teach sportsmanship and character building.



Richard & Parents, 10 years, Pittsburgh


1)A.Top-notch instruction for approx. $40US week B.Right amount of drills and games at high level 2)A. touch, position(w/alleys), speed, passing, & penos(aka penalty shots) B. The level of the avg. player in IRL is sobering 3)Bring it to the USA!

The level of training is superior and proves that soccer doesn't have to be expensive!

International School of Soccer Residential


Gary-Coach and Parent, Arlington Aces Soccer Club


1) There was enough down time for the kids where it wasn't all soccer, soccer, soccer. 2)The accomodations were very nice as the kids stayed at the air-conditioned Fanmarker Inn Hotel in Rantoul, IL. The rooms had a TV, fridge, microwave & a private full bath for each room. I can't speak highly enough in recommending this camp. Adrian knows how to teach soccer.

Lake Mary Soccer Village

Steve, 42 Great Falls


Camps did'nt start until 14 July(6 sessions never happened),withdrew,no confidence that it would be running in time,no affiliations with Coerver,checked(Coerver USA),LMSV sells this on their web site,no updates(Last update was 28 may)or notifications about delays,phones don't work.

They refuse to comment on issues regarding the camp. Money is being returned.

[Note that Coerver has a revised list of authorized camps listed here]

Michigan State Soccer Camp


Liz; 15; Northville Sting


1a.) The food is great! 1b.) A lot of recreation time 2a.) Accuracy in shooting 2b.) Great defensive skills 3) It couldn't!

Midwest Soccer Academy



Great training Good food How to be a better team player

More older age (15 & over) team/good players

Nike soccer camp

Chloe, 14, sharon

1) The people were great and the non stop soccer is the best 2)I learned how to be a better player and i learned a total new position which i play full time now 3) i like camp the way it is, its a great camp

NC girls soccer Camp


Amber,15,Watertown Goslings or Fire


1)a. Excellent level of training b. good camp discussions at the end of the night 2)a.How college level players train to work with players youve never met before and get along 3)maybe have better food.A lot of recognisable coaches such as Chris Ducar and Anson Dorrance

Ralph Lundy


Ed Rosner Perry, GA


This camp revolutionized my son's play. International players as coaches. Very well organized. Lots of game time. EXTREMELY physically demanding for all ages.

Soccer Extreme


15. NY


1. Great Staff, Worked you Good 2. Learned a lot from this camp it was great very intence

Soccer Plus



Learned alot of skills, counselors are great, I learned that hard work pays off and many different drills.

Texas Soccer Academy


David Housman Corpus Christi


Texas Soccer Academy was a great experience both on the field and off. Our coach stayed at our house for the full week. I learned so much and i cant wait to get back next year. I attended both sessions and improved dramatically. Thanks TSA!!!

UK Elite Soccer Camp - Lower Gwynedd PA Petite


B, Lower Gwynedd, PA


Very enthusiastic and creative coaching by experienced instructors. An excellent way of introducing 3-5 year olds to the game of soccer.

Recommend the UK Elite petite program to all kids, both boys and girls

Vogelsinger - Whitewater WI


Jerry. Fort Wayne


Good emphasis on technique and reinforcement through many repititions. Balance between skills instruction and usage(scrimmages)is good. My children were sore afterward but very upbeat about what they learned. 2003 will be their 3rd Vogelsinger camp (1 wk in 2001; 2 wks in 2002; & 2 wks in 2003). Disagree with Gary's review. His kids likely were disruptive! You get out what you put in!

Vogelsinger Soccer Academy


Pam, Mom, San Francisco


My daughter (12) had only bad experiences at this camp. She found the coaching of significant less quality than expected and found the program uninteresting and unchallenging. I found the staff unsupportive and unresponsive.

We do not recommend this camp.