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Disclaimer: This information is provided as a public service and does not constitute an endorsement or professional review. Except where noted, reviews are submitted by players and parents who provide their opinions without compensation. Views on individual persons are not used. All information listed or linked here is subject to change. All information—including dates, cost, location, and personnel—should be confirmed directly with the camp.

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Contact Type Typical Review format:
1) Two good things about camp
2) Two skills learned
3) One way to improve the camp
AC Milan Frank Olsweski, Towson State University 3  
AC Milan Radford University 3  
Black Knight Soccer Camp 717-354-7183 1  
Bollettieri Soccer Academy (800-872-6425) 3  
Brazil-USA International 2  
Clemson University Girls Soccer Camp 4

1) I learned at camp, you want to improve your playing at the PEAK of your ability, not the lowpoint. 2) The camp is a only a weekend long, but it is a good price if you can't afford $600 camps.All in all, this camp was a great experience (the independence is great, too), and I would go again
--Alexis, 13, GA, Lightning Soccer


Coastal Soccer Academy



1) The location is excellent - Myrtle Beach, 2) The facilities are great; 3. I learned about a zonal defense 4. Different systems of play; 3) An improvement I would add, is to have a beach day. My camp experience was very good. The staff and the players I met there were of a very high level.
--Matt  15, PA

Coerver (800-845-9959) 3  
Duke Soccer Camp (800-955-KICK) 4 1) Coaches had great teaching skills, foreign coaches gave me lots of knowledge of the game
2) Learned how to stay calm, the mentality of the game, and how to handle the ball
3) None
--David, age 13, PA
E-town Soccer School 557 Koser Rd, Lititz PA17543 4  
Futbol Training School 1  
Goal to Goal 3  
Hershey Wildcats 717-534-8900 2  
Joe Machnik's 3 Our 2 girls ages 13, and 15 just returned from Joe Machnik's camp in CT. They learned alot and we were very impressed with the caliber of coaches
and the extensive evaluations they received. They had fun even though it was hard work. Loomis Chafee is a beautiful campus and had great food too!
It was the perfect charge up for the fall season!

--Parent, CT
KELME Performance 3  
Lebanon Valley Soccer Camp 717-867-6267 4  
Lehigh-Nike Soccer Camps 610-758-2267 4  
Messiah College (Falcon Soccer Academy) 717-766-2511 4 1) Very competitive and fun game play
2) 1 v. 1 moves and good passing skills
3) Central dorm room should be closer to fields
--Scott, age 14, PA
Millersville Soccer 2939 Charlestown Rd. Lancaster PA 17603 4  
Middle States 3

1) Great Goalkeeping camp which demands a lot from the camper; The Ratio of Campers to Instructors is low. 2) I learned about leadership and there is more in goalkeeping then keeping the ball out of the Goal. 3) The camp could give the campers less off time, and more --Robert, 14 Hong Kong  School JV


Mountain View Soccer Camp
3 1) Good coaches, place to play during free time
2) Be aggressive, Coerver moves
3) It was great
--Jeremy, age 14, PA
Nike/Tab Ramos 2 1) Knowlegible coaches and lots of playing time
2) Better shooting and decision making
3) Get better food
--Sam, age 14, PA
One On One Camp 717-354-7183 1  
Paul Riley Soccer Camp 2

1)great staff;lots of fun 3)more skills less games
John, 13, NY


Penn State Advanced 4  
PUMA National 2  
Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy

Review for July 7 camp in Atlanta, GA; Lundy has other camps in SC; and NC

2 My son has gone to Lundy for 3 summers. The fear of that camp has kept him training through June. He knows that if he slacks off at all he will NEVER make it through the week. And he is in keeper camp where they don't run as much. This is definitely a tough camp and should not be entered lightly...
--Fred, Atlanta GA
Red Rose Select
(Select Training School & Red Rose Coed)
717-285-7474 1 1) Great tips for improving technical skills, good coach to player ratio
2) Where to move to support the ball, lean forward while juggling
3) None
--Sam, age 14, PA
Soccer Academy 3

1)The food is really good. 2). I have developed more discipline in my game and I've learned many valuable tactics from all the international coaches. 3).I don't think the camp really needs to improve ... I've been to this camp for four years.
Amanda,13,Warrenton VA

Star Soccer Academy 717-560-9030 2  
Total Team Academy 570-893-2192 4  
University of Virginia Women's Camp



1) the dorms were great and my coach was good 2) i learned how to kick better and i learned corvers to practice on my own 3) they could improve the camp by having better food:)

Virginia Soccer Camp
4 1) Nice dorms.
2) Learned nothing--not enough skills, too many games; camp started Wed pm and was over Sunday noon--not enough time for the money.
3) The University put too many restrictions on the camp--get housing closer to the fields and the cafeteria; need a place to fool around near the dorm to juggle the ball and play games; my counselor swore a lot; one day we played on astro turf and it got so hot, a ball popped!
--Jeremy, age 14, and Mom, PA
2 My sons(11 and 15) described the training as "babyish." They hated the uniforms they were forced to wear (they kept losing their socks). They left after three days.
Gary, Parent, Atlanta, GA
Winning Edge-EPYSA 800-562-7485 5