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My favorite kinds of camps are the ones where there is opportunity to learn from the experience. I have gone to a few camps where it seems that the kids and instructors are there only to have fun, and not even try to learn or take the time to teach correctly.

I also like to have fun at soccer camps, however, I also use them to improve my playing for the fall soccer season, and to do that, I need a camp that helps me to play better.

I also like soccer camps that are smaller in the number of participants as well. Although I have sometimes experience that these camps are not as well done, the instructors have the time to look at what your doing and also be able to spend the time to correct the mistakes that you may have made.

The bigger size camps don’t allow the teachers to give that time one may personally need. When this happens it is hard to improve because the instructors have to divide their time between too many people so you do not get the amount of assistance required to fix any of the problems in technique or the understanding of tactics.

--Sam, U-14 player