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Coerver Camps are skills-specific camps that are run as franchises certified to employ the training methods developed by Weil Coerver. Please consult for details to see how applicable this method may be to your child. The following contact information for 2003 camps has been kindly provided by the Coerver organization:
AL: Mark Johnson 334-538-1490    
AZ: Paul Mariner 480-473-8096    
CA North: Ron Benjamin 415-460-9060    
CA South: Nico Marinez 310-394-3391    
CA South: Garett Hoshijo 714-846-9194 
CO: Larry Boff 732-922-7755 
CT: Dave Johnson 203-966-8081 
DEL Larry Boff 732-922-7755 
FL Paul Gibbons 772-220-2737 
GAL Paul Gibbons 772-220-2737 
ID: Anthony Didonna 208-672-8106 
IL: Adrian Davis 847-854-5130 
IN: Chris Slusher 513-923-2706       
IO: Jimmy Bakos 319-393-8657    
KS: Tom Powers 316-821-9089 
KY: Tim Chastonay 502-452-8043    
MD: Larry Boff 732-922-7755 
MA: New Eng Martin Clark 781-562-0008    
MI: Jamie Tyers 248-547-7557       
MI: John Sumoski 570-408-4017 
MN: Simon Whitehead 952-915-9009 
NJ: Larry Boff 732-922-7755 
NY: Larry McFaddin 518-523-4395 
NC: Larry Boff 732-922-7755 
ND: Gordon Craig (44)0131-441-5557    
OH: Charlie Cooke 877-321-5078 
PA East: Larry Boff 732-922-7755 
PA West: Erik Ingram 412-648-2095 
SC: Steve Gummer 404-531-6446 
TN: Brett Mosen 770-641-9090    
TX: Rick Moss 512-341-7693 
VA: Martin Dell 804-739-7078 
WA: TR Stoneback 206-243-3984 
WI: Hayden Knight 262-377-5783    
Canada W: John Judd 604-272-2608 
Canada E: Martin Noe 613-925-4709 

Last revised: August 02, 2003