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Strike with POWER!

There is nothing more discouraging for a young (or old) player than failing to strike the ball with power. Yes, aim is critical--but face it, the ego wants POWER. Don't leave camp without getting a clue! Poor power may be due to:
1) Foot position at time of impact (see photo above with support foot properly beside the ball and body weight moving through ball at impact, see photos below. If your body weight remains behind the ball on impact, you will not hit the ball with enough mass to generate power), 2) Weak, unstable foot and lousy shoes (your shoes should support foot structure and arch shape; shoes should not have room to grow, if you wear shoes larger than size 8-1/2, then point toe slightly inward to prevent toe scraping), 3) Tense versus relaxed body (a relaxed body facilitates smooth weight transfer from the supporting side of the body to the dynamic, kicking side--develop your form to land naturally on your kicking foot), 4) Long, slow strike versus shorter, sharp strike (a big windup doesn't necessarily impart sufficient kinetic energy--kinetic energy is mass x velocity squared divided by 2, which explains why short, stocky players can generate power--a fast strike with weight behind it generates kinetic energy exponentially, 5) Head comes up--don't watch the ball leave your foot, because your weight will go up rather than through the ball. Here's more soccer physics.

Good follow thru--
toe is still pointed

Natural landing:

Bad form--foot and body too far behind: 

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The "soccer tour" trend has been growing in recent years, so in upcoming months the Guide will be starting a new category for tours.
In the meantime, check out Soccer Camps International with options in England (The Bobby Charlton Soccer Camp, Arsenal United Camp, and Manchester United Camp--girls only), Italy (AC Milan Junior Soccer Camps and Juventus Soccer Schools), France (Paris Saint Germain, Bordeux, and SEJ Soccer Camp in Vichy), and Spain (Real Madrid and Barcelona). Another tour is ATI Soccer Tours, with events in Brazil and San Diego.

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MLS camps: NASC changed its name to MLS camps in 1996 when the MLS began. In 1999 they had 1100 communities run camps with over 60,000 players  participating.--Patricia Danoli)

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